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WBOC Newsplex

Salisbury, MD

WBOC Newsplex Weather Reporting

WBOC, Delmarva’s CBS/Fox-affiliated television station, hired Gillis Gilkerson to construct a $13-million dollar state-of-the-art “Newsplex” in Salisbury, Maryland. The +/- 11,340 square foot building now serves as a working newsroom and active television set, incorporating the latest high-definition (HD) technology.

Gillis Gilkerson partnered with local architectural firm, Becker Morgan Group (BMG), to execute the build. One of the many challenges faced encompassed the burial of +/- 10-miles of cable connected to the rotating anchor desk. Additionally, traditional lighting was reconfigured and replaced with lighting capable of moving with the rotating set.

The “Newsplex” is situated directly behind WBOC’s main studio on Route 13 in North Salisbury, Maryland. The network’s first broadcast from the new facility aired in 2008.

“Gillis Gilkerson did a wonderful job,” said Tom Draper, owner of WBOC. “They are honest, hardworking, and we had a very good experience with them. All of the challenges, including lighting and sound, were handled professionally. I would definitely recommend them as a commercial builder.”

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What Our Clients Say

“Only in knowing of the years of frustration and disappointment in our futile attempts at relocation, expansion and renovation can one understand my elation in seeing a long sought out dream brought to fruition by the professional and caring team at Gillis Gilkerson.”

“Gillis Gilkerson not only wanted our project but also performed it to our exact specifications within our extremely tight time frame – 20 working days!  If asked again, I would build with Gillis Gilkerson – in a heartbeat!”

~ Robert F. Morris,
Delmarva Gymnastics Academy Inc.,
Salisbury, MD

“The global expertise in all aspects of the building construction and access to various sub-contractors was a blessing given the number of technical details that needed to be attended to while we obtained certification from the state health care officials.” 

~ Genesh Balu,
Regional Enterprises, LLC,
Seaford Specialty Surgery Center

“We are truly grateful for the care and concern Gillis Gilkerson demonstrated during the entire construction process from the groundbreaking in May 2017 through to our celebratory dedication in April of 2018. We are especially pleased with the leadership and coordination of Don Murray and the day to day attention and care we received from Charles Morris. They, along with the other GGI team members and your many able subcontractors, are to be commended for their outstanding services. They should all be proud of their work.”

~ Tom Shuster,
Project Manager,
St. Paul’s by-the-Sea

This was definitely not an off-the-shelf type hotel. It was a custom design to maximize our guests’ experiences. There is nothing like this anywhere in our market area. Gillis Gilkerson did a great job and the quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

~ Christian Hudson,
Hudson Management Group

“Dwight Miller’s … knowledge of pricing and quality gave us one of the nicest office structures in Salisbury. Thank you Gillis Gilkerson!”

~ Edward J. Williams,
Peninsula Cardiology Associates, P.A.

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