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Truitt Street Community Center

Salisbury, MD

The closing of Calloway Street Gym placed the status of several Salisbury based community programs in question. In their search for a solution to this problem, the City of Salisbury engaged Gillis Gilkerson’s development team.

“Mayor Day was looking for a building to renovate so the kids and programs wouldn’t be displaced,” said Kevin Lindsay, Neighborhood Relations Manager for the City of Salisbury.

Gillis Gilkerson developers identified 319 Truitt Street, a vacant +/- 5,000 square foot warehouse, as a potential location for a new community center. After purchasing and completing extensive renovations, the developer leased the building to the City of Salisbury. Truitt Street Community Center features new gym flooring, two basketball hoops, soccer goals and open space suitable for table activities and meetings.

Over 100 children ranging in age from 10 to 18 frequent the center regularly to attend after-school tutoring programs and life skill seminars. The center also hosts local basketball leagues and offers a complete dance studio. Truitt Street Community Center is the first of four community centers planned for under-served neighborhoods in Salisbury. The portion building is shared with Chesapeake Health Care.

“When the City reached out, we knew we could help in a way that would prevent them from having to secure a bond to relocate the community center,” said Joey Gilkerson, Principal of Gillis Gilkerson. “It’s pretty cool to see the building hosting so many different community events. From women’s conferences to hip-hop dance classes… the opportunities provided by this space are endless.” 

“Working with Joey has been great. When the heater died, he was on it. He is always on top of things and he understands the importance of what we are doing here.” -Kevin Lindsay, Neighborhood Relations Manager

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What Our Clients Say

“Over the years Gillis Gilkerson has handled a variety of jobs for Cato Gas & Oil ranging from new construction of convenience stores to remodeling of office buildings. I have always been satisfied with the timelines of the work, quality of construction, and ability to stay on budget.”

~ Michael Abercrombie Jr.,
Cato Gas & Oil

“We are very happy to have Gillis Gilkerson as the contractor for our new service center. As a cooperative we understand the value of working with local businesses. Locally owned and operated, Gillis Gilkerson has been serving the Delmarva region for over 30 years. We know they will produce a quality structure that will serve the employees and members of Choptank Electric for many years.”

~ Bob Behlke,
Vice President of Member Services
Choptank Electric

“Gillis Gilkerson is awesome. They built the building so they knew it better than anyone else. We know they have a great reputation in the area and that’s why we decided to go with them for the renovation.”

~ Rocky Green,
Directory of Operations,
Peninsula Imaging

“The Gillis Gilkerson team should be commended for attention to detail and determination to produce a job done right. Whenever there was a question of the requirements, it was approached reasonably, rationally and resolved quickly.”

~ W. Frank Brady,
4Site Manager,
Design Atlantic

“Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Gillis Gilkerson for more than 20 years … Honesty and integrity are very evident with this company and I wholeheartedly recommend them …”

~ Bruce W. Patterson,
Executive Director,
Facilities and Properties,

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