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The Gallery Building

Salisbury, MD

The Gallery Building

For nearly a century, Salisbury, Maryland’s Downtown Plaza was anchored by F.W. Woolworth Company, one of the nation’s largest retailers. Throughout the mid-20th century, retail competition drastically increased, leading to the eventual vacancy of the Woolworth’s building. Upon hearing of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)’s need for a new location, Gillis Gilkerson introduced the idea of a massive redevelopment that would eventually transform an empty, plaza-fronting building into a rediscovered community asset.

In 1992, after several successful regional redevelopments, Gillis Gilkerson’s development team purchased 208- 212 West Main Street and began the process of repurposing the former retail building. Over the course of two years, the team planned, approved and completely remodeled over 60,000 square feet of prime real estate in Downtown Salisbury. The historic building was updated to include modern and safety amenities such as a fire suppression system, glass elevator, and individual gas and electrical meters. Throughout the process, Gillis Gilkerson’s construction and development teams maintained the property’s historic value by utilizing many of its original, vintage accents—the original tin ceiling is still in place today!

Since its grand re-opening, the Gallery Building has become home to the Regional Art Institute and Gallery, a number of federal and local government agencies, local politician offices, attorneys, non-profit organizations, and retail business. The building also houses Salisbury residents in its apartment units.

In August 2015, owners Palmer Gillis and Tony Gilkerson donated the 85-year-old structure to Salisbury University, boasting the institution’s presence in the trendy downtown business and retail district.

The Gallery Building is located within Salisbury’s Historic District, Arts and Entertainment District, and Enterprise Zone. Offering a unique experience to all of its tenants, the Gallery Building provides modern building amenities within walking distance of several local restaurants and bars, professional offices, the Wicomico County Library, the Court System, Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), and the City Park.

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What Our Clients Say

“Over the years Gillis Gilkerson has handled a variety of jobs for Cato Gas & Oil ranging from new construction of convenience stores to remodeling of office buildings. I have always been satisfied with the timelines of the work, quality of construction, and ability to stay on budget.”

~ Michael Abercrombie Jr.,
Cato Gas & Oil

“Congratulations on receiving the Small Business of the Year award from the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce. After my interview with you, I was convinced more than ever that your organization was most deserving of this recognition. Your tireless dedication to promoting the entire Salisbury area is without equal.”

~ John H. Ebelein,
Executive Board Member,
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce

“We are so grateful to Palmer Gillis and to a team of local business professionals who are helping us make this award a meaningful and important honor.”

~ Hayley Gallagher,
Former Executive Director of MCE

“The Salisbury Zoo is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Gillis Gilkerson on its Animal Health Clinic project. Successful completion of the Clinic project was an essential component of the continued growth and professional accreditation of the Zoo. Additionally the project represented an active partnership between the Zoo, the City of Salisbury, the State of Maryland, and the Delmarva Zoological Society and the regional philanthropic community. All these factors made it imperative that the project be completed in a timely and budgetarily consistent fashion.”

“Gillis Gilkerson seamlessly made the transition from outside contractor to partner in the Animal Health Clinic project. They were proactive about reviewing the plan documents and specifications early in the construction process to make sure there were no problems as the work started. The team made every effort to stay ahead of the curve and even worked on marginal weather days in order to keep the project moving and on schedule. Gillis Gilkerson was just as invested in the success of this project as the Zoo, the City, and the rest of the project team.”

“The Salisbury Zoo would be happy to once again partner with Gillis Gilkerson on future endeavors.”

~ Ralph Piland,
Salisbury Zoo Director

It has been 16-months since a fire totaled our clubhouse and we are now getting ready to open the doors to our new building and begin a new era at the Wicomico Yacht Club. The Gillis Gilkerson team was professional, constantly communicating with us and sticking to their very accurate timeline. We thank them for a job well done

Commodore Peter Hanulak
Head Officer, Wicomico Yacht Club Command Staff

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