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The Salisbury School

Salisbury, MD

aerial view of the salisbury school property

Over the years, Gillis Gilkerson has completed a number of construction projects for The Salisbury School (TSS), a local education institution. The Wicomico County-based private school occupies a large campus on Hobbs Road, just off of Route 50 in Salisbury, Maryland, and offers pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade schooling.

In addition to constructing the infamous and notable TSS dome, Gillis Gilkerson also managed the build of a two-story dormitory that now houses the school’s foreign exchange students. The dormitory offers six bedrooms and is semi-attached to the property’s original farmhouse also used as living quarters.

The $440,000 project was designed by architect David Quillen and compliments the school’s philosophy of leading by example in terms of renewable energy. The +/- 3,182 square foot building features a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system as well as other sustainable energy conservation measures.

“The Gillis Gilkerson team was very experienced, knowledgeable, and able to accomplish many difficult tasks, making sound decisions when changes needed to be made,” said Nick Kypreos, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for TSS. “Management was always on-hand to assist and support their on-site staff and the project was completed just in time for students to arrive and move-in as planned. I would highly recommend Gillis Gilkerson to anyone needing construction services.”

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What Our Clients Say

“On behalf of the members and friends of Trinity United Methodist Church we want to thank you for your fine work over the past few months.”

~ Rev. George R. Patterson,
MDiv. Senior Pastor,
Trinity United Methodist Church

“The Salisbury Zoo is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Gillis Gilkerson on its Animal Health Clinic project. Successful completion of the Clinic project was an essential component of the continued growth and professional accreditation of the Zoo. Additionally the project represented an active partnership between the Zoo, the City of Salisbury, the State of Maryland, and the Delmarva Zoological Society and the regional philanthropic community. All these factors made it imperative that the project be completed in a timely and budgetarily consistent fashion.”

“Gillis Gilkerson seamlessly made the transition from outside contractor to partner in the Animal Health Clinic project. They were proactive about reviewing the plan documents and specifications early in the construction process to make sure there were no problems as the work started. The team made every effort to stay ahead of the curve and even worked on marginal weather days in order to keep the project moving and on schedule. Gillis Gilkerson was just as invested in the success of this project as the Zoo, the City, and the rest of the project team.”

“The Salisbury Zoo would be happy to once again partner with Gillis Gilkerson on future endeavors.”

~ Ralph Piland,
Salisbury Zoo Director

“I have not seen anyone as professional and great to deal with than your company and the people work for it, from you [Palmer] to the that person who’s a laborer. I’ll share that from my heart with our community.


~ Tony Taphipour
Owner of Pure Fitness

“Congratulations on receiving the Small Business of the Year award from the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce. After my interview with you, I was convinced more than ever that your organization was most deserving of this recognition. Your tireless dedication to promoting the entire Salisbury area is without equal.”

~ John H. Ebelein,
Executive Board Member,
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce

“For a design/build project it is unusual for the initial cost estimates and timing to be maintained and in this case the project was completed on time and the costs were held to the contract level. In going into a design/build project like this, one always wonders if the right decision was made on the contractor selected. Now that the project has been completed, I can say that I know we made the right decision with Gillis Gilkerson.”

~ Norman S. Grubb,
Assistant to the President,
USAir Express

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