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Morgan Stanley

Salisbury, MD

In September 2014, Gillis Gilkerson broke ground on the redevelopment of Salisbury’s Feldman’s Furniture building, a historic structure now referred to as Riverview Commons. The project began with the demolition of a 60,000 square foot portion of the building; the remaining 15,000 square feet underwent massive renovation including roof replacement and wall reinforcement. Other updates to the building included the addition of stair towers, an elevator and common areas, allowing for a grand total of 20,000 square feet of multiuse, class A professional office and retail space.

Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm, now occupies the complete third floor of Riverview Commons. Gillis Gilkerson is headquartered on the second floor of the building. Other tenants now include The Land Group and NAI Coastal.

“This was an opportunity for Gillis Gilkerson to take a deteriorated historic landmark and transform it into a useable structure that fits the revitalized core of Downtown Salisbury,” said Dwight Miller, President of Gillis Gilkerson. “This undertaking was more than the renovation of an old, run-down building; it helped to breathe new life into our community with modern-day purpose and functionality.”

Becker Morgan provided architectural services during the design phase of the renovation and Gillis Gilkerson and NAI Coastal Principal Brad Gillis offered real estate expertise, helping to lease the building, in full.

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What Our Clients Say

“Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Gillis Gilkerson for more than 20 years … Honesty and integrity are very evident with this company and I wholeheartedly recommend them …”

~ Bruce W. Patterson,
Executive Director,
Facilities and Properties,

“We embarked on a journey to create a state of the art high definition television studio and have completed that mission. The expertise from Gillis Gilkerson in all aspects of the building construction was a blessing as this project has numerous technical and on-air related projects that held the attention of our own staff. Thank you for going the extra step in making this complicated project a complete success for Draper Holdings and the entire Delmarva viewing audience.”

~ John A. Hopkins III,
Project Manager,

“Your private commitments as well as the public contributions continue to be fine examples for all businesses in Salisbury to follow. Your accomplishments throughout town and especially in the downtown plaza are the envy of many business leaders.

~ W. Ron Morgan, AIA,
Becker Morgan Group

“Throughout the pre-construction phase, Gillis Gilkerson’s influence provided us with a comfortable budget and timeline that met our scope of work and financing demands for this project. Over the next several months we look forward to working with Gillis Gilkerson, putting the finishing touches on the rehabilitation of Samuel Chase Apartments and preserving this valuable affordable housing asset to continue serving the Somerset County community.”

~Tom Ayd,
Property Owner and Developer,
Green Street Housing

“I have had the good fortune to work with Gillis Gilkerson on construction projects over the past six years. These projects were both on and off-site and ranged from small renovations to multi-million dollar projects. All of the projects have been successful and completed within budget.”

~ John O. Carothers,
Facilities Manager,
Nanticoke Health Services

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