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Rommel’s Harley Davidson

Salisbury, MD

rommel's harley davidson building exterior

Rommel’s Harley Davidson contracted Gillis Gilkerson to transform the former Gander Mountain in North Salisbury, Maryland into a motorcycle dealership and retail showroom. The +/- 20,390 square foot interior and exterior renovation was completed on the south end of the building located at 2410 North Salisbury Boulevard.

The scope of work encompassed new fixturing, site improvements, installation of ceramic tile flooring and partitions, and construction of a new service department and private offices. Rommel’s Harley Davidson is now open for business in Salisbury, Maryland as a part of larger, multi-location network with dealerships in Smyrna, Delaware and Annapolis, Maryland.

“We are excited to have played a role in bringing Rommel’s Harley Davidson back to Salisbury after over 30 years,” said Dwight Miller, President of Gillis Gilkerson. “We had a great working relationship with open communication with the client throughout the course of the project which ultimately helped our team to deliver on time and on budget.”

“We had an excellent experience working with Gillis Gilkerson,” said Jimmy Johnson, the client’s representative. “Dwight managed the job efficiently and Darryl Mitchell was very effective in moving the day-to-day operations forward. We received our certificate of occupancy thirty days ahead of schedule. It was a job well done.”

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What Our Clients Say

“The original roof was only seven years old so finding out that we needed a whole new roof – the hard way – was disappointing. The team from Gillis Gilkerson addressed every single concern we had from the very beginning. They even called me on July 4th when we had bad storms in the area and asked if they could get inside the church to make sure everything was safe and secure. Now that’s commitment.”

~ Bruce Glisson,
Executive Pastor,
Allen Memorial Baptist Church

This was definitely not an off-the-shelf type hotel. It was a custom design to maximize our guests’ experiences. There is nothing like this anywhere in our market area. Gillis Gilkerson did a great job and the quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

~ Christian Hudson,
Hudson Management Group

“I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the outstanding job you have done despite many obstacles you faced (regulating authorities, weather, architectural nuances) … You managed to complete the project in time, on budget and with superior quality and elegance … You should know that your contributions are highly valued and praised.”

~ Nick Kypreos,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
Salisbury School

“Your private commitments as well as the public contributions continue to be fine examples for all businesses in Salisbury to follow. Your accomplishments throughout town and especially in the downtown plaza are the envy of many business leaders.

~ W. Ron Morgan, AIA,
Becker Morgan Group

“If it wasn’t for the help from Gillis Gilkerson, I wouldn’t be able to get out of my house. From the wheelchair ramp to the handrail, the company made it possible for me to walk outside my home. I can’t thank them enough for their time, effort and patience.”

~ Elizabeth Anderson,
Salisbury Resident

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