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Frito Lay Distribution Center

Delmar, MD

Frito Lay aerial shot with truck

Frito Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, is an established national brand that manufactures, markets, and sells snack foods. Upon outgrowing their former space, they began their search for a new location on the Delmarva Peninsula. With very specific requirements in mind, the brand contacted Gillis Gilkerson for help in sourcing, and possibly constructing a new facility.

Our development team identified available sites for new construction and worked with Frito Lay to narrow down the options. Ultimately, Gillis Gilkerson purchased a 3-acre parcel from the Town of Delmar, Maryland located at 30208 Foskey Lane. From there, our construction and development teams worked together to construct a +/- 7,700 square foot pre-engineered metal building for the client. Frito Lay was delivered a brand new, state-of-the-art building compliant with all national requirements.

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What Our Clients Say

“When the Lower Shore Chapter of the American Red Cross’s office was broken into, we immediately called Gillis Gilkerson. They responded immediately and made all of the necessary repairs at no charge. It looked better than ever!”

~ Alan Lee,
Executive Director,
Lower Shore Red Cross

“The craftsmanship and skill demonstrated by the Gillis Gilkerson team was truly reflected in the finished project! I have had countless compliments on the outcome of the office, both from staff and clients.”

~ William C. Fisher,
Bay Area Receivables, Inc.

“I have not seen anyone as professional and great to deal with than your company and the people work for it, from you [Palmer] to the that person who’s a laborer. I’ll share that from my heart with our community.


~ Tony Taphipour
Owner of Pure Fitness

“Palmer and Dwight personally came to see me to talk about the development. I am very comfortable working with Dwight and know that Gillis Gilkerson has a reputation for getting things done and getting them done on time.”

~ Todd Ferrente,
Park Place Plaza

“We embarked on a journey to create a state of the art high definition television studio and have completed that mission. The expertise from Gillis Gilkerson in all aspects of the building construction was a blessing as this project has numerous technical and on-air related projects that held the attention of our own staff. Thank you for going the extra step in making this complicated project a complete success for Draper Holdings and the entire Delmarva viewing audience.”

~ John A. Hopkins III,
Project Manager,

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