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Brandywine Apartments

Millsboro, DE

Brandywine Village Apartments was Gillis Gilkerson’s 9th affordable housing project for Severn Development Company. The team made interior and exterior renovations to the 60,000 square foot apartment complex located between Case Lane and Edwards Boulevard in Millsboro, Delaware.

The project’s broad scope of work included massive renovations to 56 apartment units spread across seven buildings. Exterior updates included new siding, roofing, steps, patios, windows, doors, sidewalks and paving. Interior upgrades were made to the plumbing, HVAC, lighting, cabinets, appliances and other finishes. Additionally, Gillis Gilkerson constructed a +/- 2,278 square foot building which will serve as a community center for Brandywine residents. 

“Originally built back in the 80’s, Brandywine Village Apartments were in need of some necessary upgrades. The units now carry the Energy Star Rating and renovations made them more accessible to residents. From experience, we were confident Gillis Gilkerson would be diligent with cost control and time performance of the project.” -Spencer Leech, Vice President of Severn Development Company

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What Our Clients Say

“We embarked on a journey to create a state of the art high definition television studio and have completed that mission. The expertise from Gillis Gilkerson in all aspects of the building construction was a blessing as this project has numerous technical and on-air related projects that held the attention of our own staff. Thank you for going the extra step in making this complicated project a complete success for Draper Holdings and the entire Delmarva viewing audience.”

~ John A. Hopkins III,
Project Manager,

“We travel all over the country and build relationships with many different contractors. I have been very impressed with Tyler Barnes. He is very personable and responsive. We are very optimistic about this project and working with Gillis Gilkerson.”

~ Gary Brill,
Newman Group

“I have had the good fortune to work with Gillis Gilkerson on construction projects over the past six years. These projects were both on and off-site and ranged from small renovations to multi-million dollar projects. All of the projects have been successful and completed within budget.”

~ John O. Carothers,
Facilities Manager,
Nanticoke Health Services

“The building is 100 years old and has continued to deteriorate for the last 40 years. To be honest, I wasn’t very positive about trying to save the building in the beginning.I thought it was a waste of time and money. When Gillis Gilkerson started working with our engineers and demonstrated experience with this type of project, I was relieved to say the least. They had contractors lined up and everything went according to plan. I would be tickled to work on another project with Gillis Gilkerson.”

~ Bob Donnelly,
Snow Hill Public Works Director

“Gillis Gilkerson is always a pleasure to work with. They assisted with the permitting process from the beginning and have a great reputation for being on time and on budget while delivering a quality product. Delaware is growing and Rt. 113 is a hot spot making Millsboro the crossroads of Delmarva. We are excited to build a new business for locals and travelers alike.”

~ Michael Abercrombie,
Kitchen Owner,
Popeyes Louisiana

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