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Dover, Delaware

arby's dover delaware location

In February 2021, Gillis Gilkerson announced the completion of renovations to the Arby’s fast food restaurant located at 1200 Forrest Avenue in Dover, Delaware. In as little as three weeks, GGI’s construction team upgraded the +/- 3,197 square foot space, modernizing both the interior and exterior of the building.

“Gillis Gilkerson did a great job with the project,” said Mike Abercrombie, owner of the property. “They developed an accurate budget with quality contractors who completed timely work.”

Project Manager Robin Steininger led the firm’s efforts based on her extensive experience in working with Abercrombie on fast food restaurant renovations. In recent years, Steininger has successfully revamped the Popeye’s in Salisbury, Maryland, and the Arby’s in Denton, Maryland, Selbyville, Delaware and Woodside, Delaware.

“These types of projects tend to be fast moving. We understand that every day the business is closed, revenue is lost,” said Steininger. “I credit the hard work and dedication of Superintendent Ivan Jackson and our subcontractors with pushing this project across the finish line under a tight timeline.”

GGI’s scope of work encompassed the installation of a new exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) in addition to a number of interior and exterior aesthetic updates. The restaurant is now open and in full-operation with a fresh façade, dining room, and bathrooms.

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What Our Clients Say

“Congratulations on receiving the Small Business of the Year award from the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce. After my interview with you, I was convinced more than ever that your organization was most deserving of this recognition. Your tireless dedication to promoting the entire Salisbury area is without equal.”

~ John H. Ebelein,
Executive Board Member,
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce

“Palmer and Dwight personally came to see me to talk about the development. I am very comfortable working with Dwight and know that Gillis Gilkerson has a reputation for getting things done and getting them done on time.”

~ Todd Ferrente,
Park Place Plaza

“Throughout the construction phase of this project it was necessary to page a representative from Gillis Gilkerson on a daily basis. I would estimate the average response time for a response was about three minutes. The team was always eager to address any questions or concerns that I had, and when any small problem did arise, they were always fixed quickly and efficiently. In short, there was little disruption of my busy practice and loss of income due to time spent working with the contractor.”

~ John Burkett,
Burkett and Burkett, D.D.S., P.A.

The project is a major win for the community, and the market is really responding well. I was happy with the way Gillis Gilkerson handled the delivery of this project in a time of disruption. COVID presented manpower and procedural issues but their onsite staff was attentive and pushed through to deliver the final project

~Tom Ayd
Green Street Housing

“Your private commitments as well as the public contributions continue to be fine examples for all businesses in Salisbury to follow. Your accomplishments throughout town and especially in the downtown plaza are the envy of many business leaders.

~ W. Ron Morgan, AIA,
Becker Morgan Group

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